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Episode 38: Between's Travel Diaries

Back from her world travels, Between tells all about her trip to Thailand, with specific focus on the spirituality she encountered there.

On the way there!

The family shrine at the Libra Guest House.

Cats blessing a local shop with their presence.

Shrines to the nature and land spirits in front of a shop, covered in new offerings.

A monk blessing shop owners after receiving a donation of breakfast.

Kittens who were born at a local temple show their reverence.

The royal dancers performing a Thai folktale for a huge public crowd.

Between can't believe this bamboo!

Between also can't keep her hands off of animals, no matter what country she's in.

Hill Tribe children at the Temple of the White Elephant.

A massage establishment in Chiang Mai makes sure Westerners know they are a legit business.

Offerings to the Buddha.

A golden stupa.

Herbalism class!

Our teacher, Nu.

Cooking class!

Hammock naps between cooking lessons.

Hiking through a Hill Tribe village Between almost sat down and asked to stay!

Elephants love pineapple. This lady is actually older than Between!

Tuk Tuk is the only way to travel!

Flower festival participants get ready for the parade to start.

Between on a raft hand-made by the Hill Tribe members that very day. Don't worry--she wasn't driving!

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