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Show Notes Episode 21: Faith and Doubt

How certain do you have to be about your spiritual worldview, and is doubt something that only visits the spiritually inclinced? Betwixt and Between talk with Jacob Haller, our talented editor and longtime friend of Betwixt, who also happens to be an atheist. Also guest starring a chorus of Al Green's parishioners, AND dogs and chickens! It’s pretty new and fancy around here—New theme song (lyrics by Between, music by Jacob Haller, sung by Betwixt and Between), new website (All props to Melody Dobbins, our dear dear friend and super talented artist, web guide, and designer), and, of course, new editor! Check him out at

We celebrated Ostara just with our kiddos this year, and dyed eggs, some of which were laid by Betwixt’s chickens.

The kids decorated the altar, and we all danced around it chanting “Rise up! Rise up!” It was an indoor affair, due to chilly weather and torrential rain.

And then Betwixt got new baby chickens!!!

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